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THE GAMECOCK Vol. II. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA, COLUMBIA, S. C., MARCH 11, 1909 No. 17 S. C.I. O.A. PREL!MINARY COMES OFF SOON The Societies Have Elected Their Respective Representatives. THE ORIGIN OF TH E S. C. 1. 0. A. Judges Will Be Selected Soon.-Contest Will Be Unusually Close and Hot This Year. Some few years after Clemson Col lege had been founded and had blos somed into the great technical school which it now is, the idea was con ceived of holding annual oratorical contests between that institution and Furman. It seems that the idea found its inception at Furman, afnd that the originator is now a lawyer in' South Carolina. The plan was undertaken to establish and maintain friendly "and scholarly relations between the two colleges. Greenwood was selected as the most conver-- -n-1 t nen tral town at w io-i tests, and the mv iam o College was offe,--, - t From the begi.n. a Was evidenceU iii .i and dur' &. , tonowing years the other colleges of the State applied for admission into the organization and were elected to membership. At the present time every male institution sends representatives to Greenwood annually to compete in deciding the oratorical championship of the State. These contests have attracted growing attention, and are now attended by people from all over the State. The hall at Lander College, which is still used as an auditorium, is crowded to its limit, and the immense throng which sits for hours partaking of the oratorical feast belies the idea that old South Carolina has lost her scholarly tastes. The University of South Carolina was one of the last institutions to join the South Carolina Intercollegiate Oratorical Association, and since be coming a member has failed to carry (CONTINUED ON PAGE THREE) Major Sloan May Visit Carolina A strong effort is being made to induce Major Benjamin Sloan, Caro lina's beloved former president, to be present on the nineteenth when Presi dent Eliot of Harvard, Dr. Mitchell and a large number of the alumni will be the guests of the University. Carolina owves a debt of gratitude to the major wvhich she wvill never be able to pay. It was during his admin istration that the University entered into the present period of prosperity, and it is due to his influence that Carolina is what she is today. The students will be delighted to see-Major Sloan on the campus. It is earnestly to be hoped that he will be BASKETBALL FIVE UP AGAINST IT Cannot Get a Game With a College in the State. Y. M. C. A. FIVES CHALLENGE Trustees May Remedy by Removing the Rule Prohibiting Carolina Playing a Profes sional Team Except in Columbia. The future of basketball as an inter collegiate game at the University of South Carolina is in the balance. Three other colleges in this State, Wofford, Charleston and Furman, have basketball fives. Carolina had another game sched tiled with Wofford in Spartanburg, but this has been called off, as the basketball five of Wofford has played as many games as the faculty will allow. For some reason, Furman refuses to give us a game. Charleston College has offered to play Carolina at Charleston, but 'can give us only half IL L440 L L UC VJL Liis_ 6. IJALW'lty for a number of years that no athletic team from the University could play a professional team outside of the city of Columbia, and the Y. M. C. A. teams are ranked as professional. This in the main is a good rule and should be adhered to in most cases. However, basketball as a game at Carolina is in its infancy. It needs coddling on the part of the powers that be. As has been said above, it has been found impracticable for the local five to get a trip this year, unless they are allowed to accept the challenge of the Charleston Y. M. C. A. and Charleston College. A trip this year would put basket ball on a firm foundation as an inter collegiate game at Carolina. The trus tees, if properly approached, would dotibtless make an exception of the basketball five and allow them to play the Charleston Y. M. C. A. at Charles ton, and, consequently, get basketball firmly rooted at Carolina. Euphradian Intra-Society Debate The Euphradian intra-society debate is scheduled for the third Saturday night in April. The entries so far are: J. H. Johnson, J. H. Brown, M. R. McDonald, I. F. Belser, S. 3. Wall and J. H-. Cooper. The medal givenl by the society to the winner of the intra-debate is an exceedlingly handsome one. Several more men may enter the dlebate in the next week or two. Dr. Mitchell has accepted the invi tation to deliver the principal address at Clemson's *commencement next June. CAROLINA DEFEATED COLUMBIA MECHANICS The Heavy Hitting of Carolina Won ' the Game. NEW STARS ON THE HORIZON Most of the 'Varsity Aspirants Given a Try-out.-Carolina Crosses Bats Again With the Mechanics Next Saturday. Carolina defeated the Mechanics in the first 'Varsity game of the season last Saturday by a score of 13 to I. The game was played on a heavy, slippery diamond. The University's heavy hitting won the game. Gresham, who played first base, got four hits out of six times up, two of which netted two bags. Mc Millan hit well and played an excellent game at short. Desportes allowed only three hits and pitched a heady game up to the sixth inning, when lie was well and was credited with several stolen bases. Washington made a couple of star catches in left field. As this was his first game for this sea son, Williams was not in very good form, and this accounts for the ease with which Carolina landed on him. Coach Dick Reid expressed himself as well pleased With the way the indi.. vidual players showed tip. The team work will improve as the season ad vances. Carolina undoubtedly has a better nine than last season's championship aggregation, but Gibbes, Davis and Perrin will be badly missed on the team. Carolina's lineup was as follows: Gresham, Herbert, first base; McMil lan, shortstop; Izlar, Kluhli Jones, left field; 3elser, catcher; Renibert, centre field: Havird, Carroll, third base; Hamlin, Herbert, right field; Trippett, Gresham, second base; Des portes, Jones, pitcher. The Mechanic's players were: Woodley, second base; McPherson, catcher; Washington, left field; Roche, third base; Girardeau, right field; Smith, centre field; McCoy, first base; Seal, shortstop; Williams, pitcher. The score by innings was as fol lowvs: Carolina. - -3 1 0 2 0 0 2 0 5-13 Mechanics. .oo o o oio oo- 1 Summary-Carolina: H-its 15; runs 13; errors x. Mechanics: H-its 6; runs i ; errors 4. Umpire--B3ob Thackham. Time, 1 :55 Carolina meets the Mechanics again next Saturday and both teams will be in much better form. A very close game may be Inlooke for. FRESHMEN CAPTURE THE FLINN CUP Series of Games Hard Fought from Start to Finish. FRESHMAN NINE STRONGEST First Year Men Handed the Lime to the Upper Classmen.--First Time Since 1905. The Freshimen have won the base ball cup. This is the first time the Freshmen Class has attained any dis tinction in athletics since they won the football cup in 1905. Friday after noon the "fresh" downed the Seniors for the championship by the score of II to I. After the first inning it was evitent that the Seniors werc clearly o-nt classed. Smith, the Senior twirler. did not appear to be in as good condition as lie was the day before, and we compelled to give way to Sheppard, who seemed to be entirely out of place, J-u nacti i uu on secona, Gresham threw wild to third and thus scored Carroll. The Seniors attempts to score afterwards were all in vain. The game was not very interesting, being characterized by the heavy hit ting of the Freshmen and the many errors of the Seniors.' For the Freshmen, MfcMillan and Gresham did the star mauling, getting four hits each, thus together making two-thirds of the hits. McMillan seemed to be champion of the infield, making some speedy stops of hard-hit grounders and one extraordinary catch of a fly back of short. In the outfield, Lipscomb and War (CONTINUED ON PAGE THREE) Additions to The Library Five hundred dollars' worth of new books have been ordered for the library and will come in soon. Ma'ny of the books consist of the latest scientific works and will be very useful to the students in the depart ment of science. A larger supply of reference books is badly needed in the department of biology, but this deficiency will. be remedied in part when the recently ordered books ar rive. Two valuable additions were made lately to the already bulky files of old newspapers in the possession of the library. The newvly acquired papers are old Charleston Gazettes, printed about 1790. They wvere purchased by Dr. JohIn Bachlman. Althlough very old thley are by 110 meanls the oldest newspapers. ill tile possession of tile library. It hlas two or three whlich date from 1735. Thle first newspaper in America appearedt in on30