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THE GAMECOCK Vol. II. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA, COLUMBIA, S. C., FEBRUARY 18, 1909 No. 14 BASEBALL PRACTICE HAS NOW BEGUN Coach Reid Has Been on the Campus For Two Weeks. CLASS GAMES TO BEGIN SOON Coach Reid Has Oreat Record As Baseball Player-An Old Carolina Man. Baseball practice began in earnest last Monday. The diamond is in an excellent con dition, having been recently scraped and sanded. A man has been hired for the season to keep the grounds in shape. Coach Richard Reid has been on the campus for the last two weeks looking after baseball interests. Coach Reid is an old Carolina man and has a remarkable record in both inter-col legiate and professional baseball. While in college he was prominent in every form of athletics. In 1905 Mr. Reid enjoyed the unique distinction of being captain of both the baseball and football teams. He also did more or less track work. As a professional, Mr. Reid played in the South Georgia League with Columbus. He was one of Moffett's ptars during Knoxville's great sea son, and for a while played at Charles tonl, in West Virginia. Coach Reid is the first baseball coach that Carolina has ever had en gaged for the whole season. Other men have coached the team for a week or two, but Carolina has never before had a man through the entire season. Coach Reid is by no means an out sider. He has the best interests of Carolina at heart and knows condi tions here. The Advisory Board is to be con gratulated on securing Coach Reid's services. The class games will probably be played the last week in February. The schedule will be arranged by the managers of the various classes. Golfers Waking Up. With the coming of spring, many of the students are taking a great (eal of interest in golf. Two matches have been played with Ridgewood. In the first, the two teams broke even, and in the last, which came off last Saturday, the University was defeated by a few points. The golf course on Gibbes Green is r.till an excellent one, in spite of the two buildings which have been put upon it. A return match will be played on the Ridgewood links .t xtSaturday. The University will be well repre sent-erl LEGISLATURE GOOP TO UNIVERSITY Total Appropriation Amounts to About $85,000. GETS A NEW HALL OF SCIENCE The Work Being Done by Carolina is at Last Appreciated by the Lawmakers. The Ways and Means Committee of the House has reported favorably on a new $40,ooo building for the University, and the appropriation has passed. The money is to be given in installments of $20,000, the first this year, and the last next year. If the act passes the House and Senate, the University will be empow ered to contract for the new building immediately. President Moore now has in his possession tentative plans for the building. It is to be used as a Hall of Science, three stories high and entire ly modern in every detail. The build ing will bc designed especially for +I,hA occupation of the physical, chemielY and biological laboratories. A part of the building may also be used by the department of Geology. There is a crying need for this new building. The science departmetdts are cramped and hampered by lack of room under the present conditions. The old Science Hall at the best is a mere make-shift. The arrangements, especially as to light, are very poor. The new building is to be designed to remedy all these defects and it will permit of much better work being done. The Ways and Means Committee also reported favorably on an appro priation of $i,ooo toward equipping the new infirmary with modern, sani tary hospital furniture. The commit tee further allowed $3,500 to furnish the new building on Gibbes Green. If the House and Senate see fit to allow the appropriations for the Uni versity to go unaltered through the third reading, work on the $4o,ooo building, which is to be located on Gibbes Green, will begin early in the summer. Additional Instruction in Math. An additional instructor in the de partment of Mathematics wvill be add edl next tyear. The department of Mathematics is the largest in college, and another instructor is certainly needed to lighten the work of the present teaching force. The Sophomores have elected the following baseball officials: Captain, W. B. Perrin ; manager, H. G. Offi cer ; waterboy, J. S. Hoey ; sponsor, Ben Tillman Rniainrd. LONG EXAMINATIONS MENTAL TORTURE Ten-Hour Examinations Test of En durance, Not of Knowledge. FREE EXPRESSION OF OPINION The S. P. C. A. Should Step in and Remedy Conditions Existing in a Certain Department. A stranger inquiring for the Junior Class on that fatal Tuesday, the sec ond of February, 1909, would have thought the members of that class an exceptionally stupid body of men. He might even have thought them oppressed by some strange malady that prevented them from thinking quickly. For on that sad (lay, the great majority of the Junior Class of the University of South Carolina la bored over the dry definitions and syl logisms of logic until late in the aft ernoon, and some unlucky individuals pursued the elusiveness of ambiguous middles and illicit major terms until dense'night can'- to soothe their wea ried brains. Nor has that class been the only one in this institution that has been sub jected to that peculiar form of men tal and physical torture that lies in long examinations. The present Se nior Class has followed the mazes of psychology for eight, nine, or even ten hours of a hot June day, and a fa vored- few of the members have dis tinguished between theories and doc trines in ethics for a like period. But, some one may say, "These stu dents were very dull or perhaps stu pid." Even if this were true, they would be entitled to sympathy and not to refined torture that would exhibit their stupidity to their fellow students. But this is not so. - They have never proven stupid in other studies, an besides, even if a student can answer all the questions, it is impossible, as many of us know, to answer them in the proper way inside of eight hours, without any loafing whatsoever. Now, as to the torture. Laying aside the fact that some people are constitutionally unfitted to endure such a test, anyone who undergoes such an ordeal after days or weeks 3f hard study is almost incapacitated. The mere physical labor is wearing. As hour after hour passes, the brain refuses to work, the wvhole system re bels and the last part of the paper is often a mere farce. Our opinion is that a better test of a student's knowledge of his subject would be obtained by a few judicious questions, to be answered in a reason able time. Finally, this article ,is an out Igrowth of that student opinion which POE MEDAL GIVEN DR, WAUCHOPE 75 Medals Bestowed Upon Distin. guished Men of Letters. VIRGINIA- AWARDS MEDALS Presentation of Special Tiffaney Medals Came As Climax to Virglna's Celebration. During the Poe Centennial Celebra tion at the University of Virginia, Dr. G. A. Wauchope was awarded one of the seventy-five Poe Memorial med als. The awarding of these medals came as the climax of the University's celebration. The Richmond Times-Dispatch says of the occasion: "Another feature of much inter est was the bestowal of the Poe med als, struck by Tiffaney, to commem orate the occasion. Medals were giv en in recognition of services which have added materially to the further ing of Poe's reputation as a man of letters." Among the persons to whom med als were awarded were: M. Louvriere and Able Lefranc, of Paris; Professor Alcee Fortier, of Tulane; Dr. Thomas Nelson Page, of Washington; Dr. Barrett Wendal, of Harvard; Hamil ton W. Mabie, of New York; Edward Dowden, of Ireland, and Dr. Chas. W. Kent, of Virginia. Two medals were awarded to South Carolina, one to Dr. Wauchope and another to Dr. Sidney Ernest Bradshaw. It is an honor to Dr. Wauchope and to the whole Univer sity that one of these medals should have conic here. Societies Meet Saturday Night. The Euphradian and Clariosophic Societies will hold their regular weekly meeting next Saturday night after a four weeks' adjournment on account of examinations. Tow ora torical contests are to come off early in April. College Press Association Meets Here The College Press Association of South Carolina meets with the Uni versity some time in April. Our two sister institutions will as sist Carolina by entertaining the (d egates from the female colleges. A very full attendance is expected. The Gamecock was founded to ex press and that opinion is that the feel ing of humanity, the promptings of charity, or even the more material principles of the S. P. C. A., should intercede to prevent anyone from in flicting any such tortures upon his fel law men.