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THE GAMECOCK Vol. II. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA, COLUMBIA, S. C., DECEMBER 17, 1908 Na. II JUNIORS ARE THE GRIDIRON CHAMPIONS Defeated the Freshmen 5-0 Last Thursday GREAT EXCITEMENT ON FIELD Cain. Blake and Murdaugh Play Good Ball for Juniors. Simpkins, Sligh and Sharpton for Freshmen Hail to the Juniors-the Class of 19101 Have we not overcome the valiant Seniors and have we not over come the very valiant Freshmen, who overcame the valiant Sophomores, and are we not, therefore, most valiant? Wherefore-hail I On that memorable afternoon of December io, 19o8, just thirteen min utes after the four o'clock bell had died by its echo, the magnificent ath letes of the Junior Class loped grace fully across the street from the gym. The multitude of spectators cheered their entrance onto the field until the dome of the capitol trembled notice ably. Conspicuous among the front rank of the advancing array, towered a tall and herculean figure. Imme diately a rustle of excitement and en quiry pervaded the side lines. It was understood that this giant was under disguise, and many conjectures were passed as to his identity. Some thought that Gotch had come over to help his old classmates, while others supposed that the President of the United States was on the field. Finally the word was passed from mouth to mouth that his name was Bowers, and a wondering silence settled on the throng. At this interval, the Freshman Class filed slowly in the gate, each bearing a stretcher and a hand bag with ban dages, etc., while the strains of the funeral march could be heard faintly issuing froni No. ii East Rutledge. (Continued on Page Four.) Debate Will Be Held January 10 The Roddey Medal Debate, which usuall'y comes off just before the Christmas holidays, will be held in the University Chapel January 7th, just after the boys return to college for the new year. It was necessary to put off this con test on account of the work which some of the debaters had on hand, and, therefore, they were not able to give the subject its proper attention. No contest has been held so far this year. The Roddey Medal Debate will be the first of the collegiate year. This is really an inter-society debate. Each society selects its contestants and the winner is awarded a handsome gold medal which -is given by Mr. 3. T. Roddey, of Rock Hill. The subject for debate is: "Re solved, That Congress should require all corporations doing interstate busi A BIG TRIP FOR BASEBALL TEAM 1909 Some of the Largest Institutions Will Be Played NOT ATTEMPTED IN TiE PAST The Stand of Last Year's Team-Team Stops in Washington April18 The schedule that Manager R. -M. Cooper, the baseball manager of 19o9, is making out for the team is one of much importance for many reasonls. The games will be played with the biggest Universities of the country, and a Northern trip will be taken by the nine in order to meet these insti tutions on their home grounds. Carolina is now taking a high stand in all forms of athletics, and in this line she is forcing her way to the front into the ranks of all the large univer sities. Heretofore the team has played altogether in 'this State, meeting the small colleges in order to fill out the schedule. The growth of the Uni versity and her literary standing makes it necessary for her to cope in athletic exercise also with colleges of other States. Nothing so advertises a col lege as athletics. It is true that it will require much time to cope successfully with larger institutions which have big student bodies to select their team from, but the rapid stride of Carolina shows that in a few years she will be one of the foremost universities of the South. The schedule has by no means been completed yet, but the manager will have things in readiness for the boys when the season opens up. The base ball men start to work just after the February examinations, and the sea son closes just before the June exam inations. The following teams have been taken on so far for 1909: Davidson College, of North Caro lina, will open up the season here on the fifth and sixth of April. This in stitution has been one of Carolina's strongest opponents on the gridiron and it is a wise thing that these games have been arranged. The games scheduled with the Uni versity of Virginia to take place in Charlottesville on the fifteenth and six teenth of April, are the biggest of the season. These games will be played on the Northern trip. Easter week is a gala week right and proper with the Virginians, and heretofore such Uni versities as Pennsylvania, George town, Washington Lee, Princeton, Yale and Cornell have filled these dates. It is a treat for the team that the games have been fixed for the big week. Carolina pulls off a game with Wof ford College during Festival Week. This game will be one of the features (Continued on Pag,e Thr.) THE CHRISTMAS GERMAN ON 23RD A Big Time in Store, Begins 9.30 Closes 2.30 MANY ALUMNI TO BE PRESENT The Hall Will Be Tastefully Decorated Supper Will Be Served at 12 o'clock The University German Club is making all necessary arrangements for the annual Christmas dance, which will be given at the Steward's hall Wednes day night, the 23rd. The Christmas german is always the biggest affair that the dancing club gives during the collegiate year, and much pleasure is always attached to it. College closes on the twenty-third of December, for the holidays, but all of the dancing crowd will remain over for the dance. It is a big inducement for all those who know how to dance. The pleasure which the boys get out of the dance gives them a good taste of Christmas before they reach home. . The .german will start promptly at nine o'clock, and the dancers will glide over the floor by the music of a swell band until the small wee hours of the night. The band will cease playing at 2:30 o'clock, when those who have partaken of the pleasure of the evening will journey to their homes. Those students who remain over for the dance will leave for their homes Thursday. Many of the old alumni of the col lege have written to the manager of the dance of their desire to be present at the affair. This alone makes it one of the biggest events ever held by the club. All the alumni of the college who are desirous to attend are cor dially invited, and the German Club will assure them that the best of treat ment will be accorded them. The hall will be tastefully decorated with the University pennants, and the' garnet and black will be hung from the walls. Every little nook and cor ner will be decorated. There will also be conspicuous on this occasion an abundance of holly, which will display the Christmas nature of the dance. In fact nothing will be lacking to signify the importance of the big Christmas german. It will be in all probability the largest and most successful ever held at the college. To many the sup per served at 12 o'clock will be the greatest inducement. Apples I Oranges! Bananas I Tpinge rines I Kisses and dates I Cocoanut wafers I Senior Smith (in astronomy) : "Pro fessor, would you explain that on the side board ?" Prof. Colcoclc? "Yes, it is a good thing to go to the sideboard some time" THE WINTER NEED FOR THE BOYS A Call for a Game to Replace Football BASKET BALL A GREAT GAME Stand that Basket Ball Has Taken and It Should Be Played By the Students Now that the bruised and scarred pigskin has made its last journey across the goal line and the referee's whistle has sent its last call into the struggling pile, the college world is turning to various forms of athletics to fill the long interval between Thanksgiving and the day when the baseball fever first begins to quicken the blood. In the land of the Indian summer, ice sports are an impossibil ity; wherefore, must we resort to other pastimes. Tennis is a game of much skill; golf requires patience, and is slow and tedious to most of us; cross country running develops wind and muscle, but it is thessport of the plod der; the gym is an old standby, but the work is mechanical at best. There is a need to be filled-the need of a strong, clean sport, the need of a something to try the, nerve, to test the muscle, to develop the body, the need of a form of athletics to satisfy the American cravifig for strenuousness, excitement, skill and uncertainty. This want has been long felt and therd have been many efforts made to supply it. The most satisfactory results have probably been accomplished by basket ball. It is primarily associated with the Y. M. C. A., but all of the North ern colleges and high schools have adopted it to fill the winter interim. Of late years it has greatly increased in favor in the South. For several years Yale and Princeton have made extended Southern trips, being obliged for the most part to play Y. M. C. A.'s and athletic clubs. At present, how ever, there are very few colleges in the South at which basketball does not hold a firm place in the front rank of athletics, and among these is the University of South Carolina. The reason for this is hard to see unless it can be that the game has been very little exploited, and so has not been truly appreciated by Carolina athletes. There are several reasons why we should have a team-not the slightest of which is that the Charleston College and Furman and Wofford have already'adoptedl the sport; and should athletics have a broader scope at these institutions than at the University of South Carolina? Onr ultimate aim is to rank among the largest untiver sities in the country in athletics. But can we ever hope to obtain it, wvhen we refuse to take advantage of a means by which these institutions (Continued on pna Three)