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THE GAMECOCK Vol. II. UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA, COLUMBIA, S. C., DECEMBER 10, 1908 No. 10 JUNIORS AND FRESH WIN CLASS GAMES Juniors Defeat Seniors 5-0.-Fresh. men the Sophs 10-0. THE NEW MATERIAL SHOWS UP Blake, Cain, White, Marion, Sheppard, Simp. kins, McMillan, Metz, Wright and Rawls Starred. The first of the class championship football games was played Saturday afternoon between the Seniors and Juniors, on Davis' field. The Juniors were victorious by a score of 5 to o. Both teams showed up well for the practice they had had, but the third year men had a little the best of the fight the game through. The ball was in their possession about two thirds of the time, but in the first half they were unable to shove the pig skin across the goal, on account of the good defensive work of the fourth year men. The Seniors in this half gained ground slowly and their offen sive work was lacking. In the second half the third year men played their best ball. After being held tor downs, a beautiful for ward pass was executed. The ball was passed from center to fullback to halfback to quarter. The pass was long, but sure. After this play the Juniors made*steady gains and crossed the line for five points. Neither side scored after this. Taking all into consideration, the Seniors played fast, snappy ball, and surprised many of the boys. It was thought by everyone that the Juniors would score at least three touch downs. For the third year men, Blake was the powerful ground gainer; Cain, also, played good ball. Sheppard, (Continued on Page Four.) Coach Gonzales on His Team 'There have been many class teams at Carolina, but the present Senior ag gregation is undoubtedly the most ferocious and headstrong eleven that ever upheld the colors of its class. The back field is composed of three veterans-White, Sheppard and Hav ird. These men are heavy, fast, and veritable terrors on the offense. Rich and Reynolds, at ends, are streaks of greased lightning, and every end run by our opponents will be hurled back for a. ten-yard loss. In the line wve have seasoned players like Callison, Humphreys, "Dick'' Jeff ries, Dantzler, Miller and Webster. This line will hold like a stone wvall. Callison is es pecially good on breaking through, and spilling plays. Marion and "Pat" Murray are both good men, but lack the training of the others. We confi dently expect to cop our gamies, as well na the cup." CLEMSON COLLEGE VS. UNIVERSITY OF S. C. The Game Will Be Played Next Fair -Week in Columbia. COLLEGES- ON GOOD TERMS Both Have Good Prospicts For 1909. Teams Were Off This Season. Next Fair week Carolina and Clem son will meet on the gridiron in this city. The advisory board of Clemson College expressed their willingness for the Tiger team to play the Game cocks. At a meeting of the Univer sity advisory board, the board moved that the manager of the Carolina team of 1909 arrange a game with Clemson for Fair week. This game will be a drawing card for the Fair. There are many who are anxious to see the two teams come together again. The attendance at this game would, no doubt, reach ten thousand. It will add much to the athletic treasury of both institu tions. The last time the two colleges met oi the field of battle a quarrel arose between the two teams after the game. The fight was of such a nature that the faculties of both of the colleges thought it was best for them not to (Continued on Page Four.) Hammond on His Team The following was the interview given out by Coach Hammond on his team of Juniors: "Well, I would rather not say any thing about the team yet. After the championship game I may have an awful lot to say, or I may hold my peace concerning the matter. "However, I have a pretty husky bunch that will stand, as did Jackson at Manassas. The line is strong and the big-footed tackles crush over each other, as bloodthirsty animals. The center is a corker. He is a perfect bow-legged globe, and distinction awaits his path. My ends are well matched. They are exactly alike in every respect, especially the left one. He is a wonder when he plunges through the line, his nose guard one sided, the elastic crumpling his,ears, and his face tied in a bow-knot. The other end has the faculty of distorting his face as an opossum whenever he is in a mass play, and, peculiar to the animal he imitates, he will p)ick his hole. Our backs are regular hyenas. They will buck Gibraltar or tackle an express train without a hesitancy. Although the quarter is not as large as a minute, he runs the team like a mowing machine. I have perfect con fidence in this aggregation. Woe unto those who fall prey to them. I know their strength and weakness. They will do all they can to win the cup and what should be in it." GAMECOCK DANCE WAS A SUCCESS The Young Folks Enjoyed Them selves to the Fullest Extent. SUPPER SERVED AT 12 O'CLOCK A Big Crowd Was Present and the Evening Passed Off Nicely. The GAMR.COCK is the cock of the walk." This was easily shown by the large (lance that was given by the manager-of the GAMErcocc in Stew ard's Hall on last Thursday. Thirty or more beautiful ladies, accompanied by as many gallant young men, danced from nine o'clock until the wee small hours of the morn, as the poet ex presses it "until Aurora sends forth her first flushes of the dawn o'er the Eastern sky." The costumes of the ladies were beautiful, in fact so beau tiful that the editors "bow before the storm." He will not attempt to de scribe them, sufficient to say that many of them were maide of lace net over lavender suits, etc. Supper was served at twelve o'clock, after which the german was danced, led by Mr. McG. Holmes, assisted by Mr. Carlton W. Sawyer. The chaperons were Professor and Mrs. A. C. Moore, Professor and Mrs. Yates Snowden, Prof. and Mrs. H. C. Davis, Mrs. S. L. Latimer, Professor 0. L. Keith. Those dancing were: Misses Cecile Jeanerette, Alice Chandler, Minnie Blalock, Virginia McGiU, Connors Melton, Ray Brooks of Sewanee, Tenn., McAlister, Mecca Cooper, Mae Bellinger of Barnwell, Mary Sumpter, Thomas, Julia Heyward, Hattie Mc Queen, Mae Heyward, Margaret Rion, Jessie M'cKay, Darby of Fort Motte, Marjorie Heyward; Messrs. Boggan C. Trippett, 0. B. Bartlette, L. W. Smith, B. S. Beverly, Randolph Murdaugh, Eugene McCarthy, W. M. Burney, P. A. Cooper, Y. J. Peterkin, ). C. Finley, Jr., Robin Jones, R. M. Cooper, Jr., I. F. Belser, J. H. Cooper, R. B. Herbert, G. F. Herbert, J. H. Hammond, John S. Hoey, D. C. Hey ward, Jr., W. H. McIlwain, F. S. Speigner, R. C. Hamer, G. W. Orr, H. 0. Ligon, Jr., Geo. Sparkman, J. H4. Brown, C. T. Cunningham, Carlton W. Sawyer, H. McG. Holmes, Ber nard Manning, A. G. Ellison, W. F. Haynesworth, Roy Islar, 0. W. Dar gani, J. D. Lee, ,Jr., Joe Palmer, R. T. Mobley, J. 0. Sheppard, Geo. B. Car wvile, R. E. Seibels and G. W. Vance. This is the first dance of this kind that we have had. It has been a great success. The manager cleared a goodly sum, which will be used for the benefit of the GAMECOCK. Let us always patronize the benefit germans ana help the college both socially and Ifinancially. THE GROWTH OF THE COLLEGE The Demands Are Being Gradually Met. A SKETCH OF EACH BUILDING The New infirmary is a Beautiful Building. -Plans Laid Out For Future. When the South Carolina College was founded in 18oi, the trustees de cided to erect buildings for the ac cominodation of one hundred students, with classrooms and a chapel; the two or three professors were also supposed to reside in the two buildings, Rut ledge and DeSaussure, then put up. These were completed in i8o6, shortly after the new college entered upon its career. About this time the old Steward's Hall, which stood where Harper now stands, and the presi dent's house, were erected. In i8io the General Assembly gave the money for the house in which Dr. Burney and Dr. Wauchope live. The double house now occupied by Dr. Joynes and Professor Colcock was built two years later. The old library was raised on the site of Legare in 1816. With these buildings the College was satisfied until Dr. Cooper had re signed and -on. R. W. Barnwell had taken his place, when it entered upon the second phase of its existence. The increasing number of students de manded new buildings. Old fendes, always in bad repair, had surrounded the campus. Their place was taken by the present wall in 1835. In two years a house, the present home of Professors A. C. Moore and C. W. Bain, was erected, and immediately after it Elliott and Pinckney made their appearance. President Barnwell, understanding the needs of an institu tion in the matter of a library,- rec ommended the present library building, which was completed in 1840. The olk library and the Steward's Hall dis appeared about 1848, their places be ing taken by Harper and Legare. The dormitory space was planned for two hundred students. Professor Boher's (Continued on page Three) Hammond 1909 Captain James H. Hammond will captain the Varsity football squad of 1909. He was elected at a meeting of the Var sity players, presided over by Coach Benet. Hammond ought to make a first-class captain, for he has had con siderable experience in football. The newly-elected captain played in the back field the past season and made good. 'Ihe way lie 'has conducted himself on the football field and also at the University has won for him many friends. The young man showed his appreciation to those who elected him in a short talk made before the squad at this meeting. The students wish him much success in his work next- seonnn