The Gamecock (Columbia, S.C.)

The gamecock. (Columbia, S.C.) 1908-2006, November 13, 1908, Page 2, Image 2

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THE GAMECOCK Published weekly by the Literary Societies of the University of South Carolina. Terms, $1.50 a session, payable in ad vance. The Gamecock solicits humorous sketches, essays, verse, etc., and will gladly pub lish such as is available, when accom panied by the full name of the author. Unsigned manuscripts will neither be acknowledged or returned. All checks and money orders should be made payable to Bernard Manning, Bus iness Manager. Business Manager. Bernard Manning, Sumter. Assistant Business Manager. B. S. Beverly, Virginia. BOARD OF EDITORS. Editor-in-Chief. L. Wardlaw Smith, Spartanburg. Assistant Editors. 0. T. Simpson.. .. .. .. ..(Euphradian) Euphradian Society. W. B. IGugh.. .. .. .. .. ..(Clariosophic) Clariosophic Society. L. A. Buie.. .. .. .. .. ..(Clariosophic) Athletics. W. U. Jamem. ...........(Euphradian) W. B, Perrin.. ...... ..(Clariosophic) Locals. M. A. Miller.. .. ..'.... ..(Clarosophic) Y. ML. C. A. PRITUDBY . w TRE STATE CO. COLUMBIA, S. C., NOVEMBER 13 That game Saturday wasn't up to the standard. Possibly a little too overconfident. Now, fellows, get down to hard work and make North Carolina "look like thirty cents." You are not a team of stars, in fact not a single man starred in the Bingham game; but if you will put all of the drive and aggression into every play that you have in you, you are bound to make a creditable showing. Caro lina always has had the reputation of putting out a hard fighting team, and it goes without saying that you won't let this reputation lag. THE COMING TENNIS TOURNAMENT For two years Carolina has sent tennis teams to the tournament, -in Greenville; and both years the teams have won second place. This year the Tennis Association is going to make a new venture. A tournament is going to be held on the University courts. Why can't Carolina win first place this year? There is no reason why we should not be first. The lovers of the game are practicing up and will be in fine form by the time the -tournament is to be pulled off, and every student attending the University should lend what financial support he can. These players have to be entertained here about two or three days, and this will take money. Another thing that the students will be res)onsible for is treatment which these players receive while here. Each and every one of them will be our guests and it is tup So us to keep tip the rep)utation which Carolina so justly dleserves; and make all of thenm return to their respective 'polleges wishling that they could be with us always. THE LACK OF COLLEGE SPIRIT * Much hats been written in these col umuns about "Carolina grit" and "the true Gamecock spirit." We have tried hard to arouse a proper college en thusiasm in bolstering up the student body by praise, but it is with regret that we admit that the experiment has failed-and today we- shall presentn few things as they are, instead. of as they should be. The football team this season has not been successful. It is true that the squad has been light, and by rea son of the abolishment of the game here for several seasons previous, the men were inexperienced-but these excuses are insufficient. In Christie Benet we have one of the very best football men in the South, and one whose interest in Carolina and whose manly personality make him an ideal coach for our team. .He has struggled untiringly to develop the squad. The plays he has introduced make up by far the strongest system of offense we have ever seen; and yet but once this season has the team put them properly to the test-the second half of the game with the Georgia Medical College. The system of defense is that used by one of the strongest teams in the country last year, and has been pronounced by the foremost football experts as the best for meeting an op ponent's attack under the new rules; and yet but once this season has our squad made its force felt-the second half of the Davidson game. What is wrong? A Carolina "star" in her palmiest football days came many miles recently to see a game. After watching the play for some tinte, he turned to a by stander and said, "My God I they haven't got the drive, the fight, in them of our old teams." And this remark drove the nail home. The team has the "Carolina grit" all right, but it lacks "the true Gamecock spirit." Why? You are going to ask; and we are going to answer your question. A man struggles and fights if neces sary for his college, because of his love and zeal. His college spirit is in creased and fostered by the support and interest of his fellow students; and when this lags, though he will still struggle on, his enthusiasm and ardor will be lessened. Nothing is so chill ing as the lack of interest and appre ciation. We had in the beginning of the season an inexperienced squad, and they needed all the support and en couragement that the student-body could give. They had not enough ex perience in football to love the game as a "veteran" would, and they needed the plaudits and praise of their col leagues in order to put the necessary "steam" in their work. Have you done your share? On Saturday, we played the last game to be played here this year. The clay was cool and beautifully clear, but the attendance was so small that the management lost over fifty dollars. Not one-third of the students were at the game, and hail of the crowd was made yp of our supporters in Colum bia. One could walk over the campus and see more students lolling around, playing tennis, smoking pipes, crack ing jokes and otherwise busily en-i gaged than could be found on the ath letic field at the last game of the sea son. This was a fair example of col lege spirit of over half the student body. We have some men here who cannot afford to go to the football games; as a maximum estimate there are perhaps fifty of these. In addition to these fthere are about seventy-five ardent supporters who always attend, ra ' or s hine. Where are the other one "un +dred nnd seventy-five ? Their innain and their indifference is the cause of the loss financially on every game played on our grounds this year; and the lack of their moral support has taken from the team that incentive and spirit that only the interest of friends 'can give, and has contributed largely to the success of our opponents, It has caused the alumni and the people of Columbia to wonder at the apathy existing here, and to lament that Caro lina is not the place it was in the past. There are other sides which lack of space forbids us to consider, but we cannot refrain from one observation. The same indifference to your institu tion's welfare is bound to show itself in other and larger things than your support of her athletic teams. Your lack of college spirit here means a lack of interest in your Alma Mater at home and throughout the State, and. upon your efforts to further her suc cess depend her future attainment and success. CLARIOSOPH IC It is gratifying to know that the men are taking a greater interest in society work. At the last two meet ings the attendance has been better than usual, and the men put more life into their work. Now, fellows, let us all be on hand when the roll is called, and especially those who are on the program for literary exercises, and after you come, give the society some thing good. Mr. W. C. Taylor, '06, a loyal Clar iosophic, visited and addressed the so ciety on last Saturday night. The following are the programs for one and two weeks hence: For November 14, 1908: Declaimers-~Mace and D. E. Rec tor. Reader-Russell. Orators-M. L. Marion and Cooper. Debate. "Resolved, That the American Civil War should have been averted by com promise." AtTimative: Jackson, Rembert, T. K. Vassey. Negative: Riddle, Jeffries, J. A. Marion. For November 20th, 1908: Declaimers-Camak and Heirs. Reader-C. W. Saunders. Orators--Bradley and Caldwell. Debate. "Resolved, That tariff revision is better than free trade." Affirmative: Buie, Gardner, M. M. Rector. Negative: J. 0. Crout, Chitty, Gar land. On last Saturday night the follow ing query was debated: "Resolved, That the qualification for voting in the Democratic primary should be the same as in the general election." Affirmative: Ferguson, Johnson and Sullivan. Negative:i Officer, Kinard and V. E. Rector.. The debate was won by the affirma tive. EU PH RADIAN As the days are growing so much shorter, the joint assembly . has de cided -to change the hour of meeting from 7:45 to 7:30. So let all mem bers remember that the college bell rings at 7:15, hereafter, and society convenes at 7:30. The debate last Saturday night on the query: "Resolved, That South Carolina should prohibit immigration," was won by the negative, represented by Messrs. J. H. Brown and J. N. Cooper. Following are the appointments for one and two weeks hence: For November 14: R e a d e r s - Sharpton, Simkin, Monckton. Declaimers-Furse, J. B. Heyward, R. F. Simpson. Subject for Extemporaneous Speak er-"Shall the People Rule ?" Weekly Orator-C. T. Simpson. Debate. Affirmative: Moffett and J. C. Sheppard, Jr. Negative: J. H. Brown and I. F. Belser. Query: "Resolved, That deporta tion would be the best solution of the negro problem." For Noirember 21: Readers-J. M. Green, Tolley and Scott. Declaimers-Carwile, D. B. McIn tyre and J. 0. Sheppard. Subject for Extemporaneous Speak er--"The Solid South." Weekly Orator-Rich. Debaters. Affirmative: Fromberg and Web ster. Negative: Brown and Johnson. Query: "Resolved, That Congress should require corporations doing an interstate business to procure federal licenses. S. C. UNIVERSITY 19, GA. MED. COLLEGE 5 (Continued from page x.) royally treated by the young men of Augusta, and thoroughly enjoyed every moment of their brief stay. THE LINEUP. The teams lined up thus: Carolina '9. Georgia 5. DesPortes.. .. ... e. . .. Cox, Morton Wynne.......... t.........Bunch Sharpton........ g........Luke Marion Mobley.........c. ......Powers Carter. .. .. ......r. g. .... ..Bowen Crouch........r. t......Gehrken Murdaugh.....r. e.......Prince Herbert Childs Hammond (c).. .q. b.. .. ..Brinkley Izlar... .. ..... h. b. ..J. A. Brown Perrin. .. .. ..r. h. b.W.W.Brown(c) Belser........f. b.......Griffith Geo. Butler (North Carolina), referee. Joe Holland (Clemson), uim pire. Douglas McKay (Carolina), heamd linesman. Cad Coles (Clemson), timekeeper. Time of halves, 25 and 20 minutes.