The Gamecock (Columbia, S.C.)

The gamecock. (Columbia, S.C.) 1908-2006, November 06, 1908, Page 2, Image 2

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THE GAMECOCK Published weekly by the Literary Societies of the University of South Carolina. Terms, $1.60 a session, payable in ad vance. The Gamecock solicits humorous sketches. essays, verse, etc., and will gladly pub lish such as is available, when accom panied by the full name of the author. Unsigned manuscripts will neither be acknowledged or returned. All checks and money orders should be made payable to Bernard Manning, Bus iness Manager. Business Manager. Bernard Manning, Sumter. Assistant Business Manager. B. S. Beverly, Virginia. BOARD OF EDITORS. Editor-in-Chief. L. Wardlaw Smith, Spartanburg. Assistant Editors. C. T. Simpson.. .. .. .. ..(Euphradian) Euphradian Society. W. D. K3ugh.. ..........(Clariosophic) Clariosophic Society. L. A. Buie.. .. .. .. .. ..(Clariosophic) Athletics. W. H. James.. ..........(Euphradian) W. B. Perrin.... ....(Clarosophic) Locals. J. 0. Allen.. ..........(Euphradian) Y. M. C. A. PRINTED B3YG TH E STATWIE CO. COLUMBIA, S. C., NOVEMBER O, '08 Carolina contributed more than thirty dollars to the Bryan Campaign Fund. That's the proper spirit, boys I More than any other college or univer sity in South Carolina. It was certainly gratifying to hear rooting at the Carolina-Davidson came. Although the team in the first half, the cheer ' cease; and it goes without Stnat this rootijig helped to pull te team together for the hard fight ,y put up in the second half. Now, .lows, let's keep this spirit tip. here is nothing that helps a team ire than to know that the whole lent-body is supporting it. "Circus Day" I. Chilly, crispy, weather, Autumn's here ag'in; Circus is a comin', Hear the band begin I 2. Everybody's lively In a different wvay, Watchin' for the big parade, Jolly circus day I 3. Boys and girls are happy, Horses rear and prance, E'en the old time fellers Are young enough to dance I 4. See the wagons comin', Hear the awful roar; Leo, mighty "king of beasts," Glaring thru the door I 5. 1, tiger, elephant, leopard, bear, 'erpent, ostrich, ife, and deer! 6. -w passes on,7 The Red and Black De feated Carolina (Continued from Page One) dent body made the air ring with cheer after cheer for their team. Denny kicked off at the opening of the game toward Carolina's east goal, and Holmes received the ball, making a 12-yayd advance. Herbert was called in to take the ball and made it another 7-yard gain through the line. Here Carolina attempted a forward pass, but the ball was illegally sent over the centre -of the line of scrim mage, and, as provided in the rules, there was a 15-yard penalty. Holmes was then forced to :ick and the ball was Davidson's on the 40-yard line. Clark made 10 yards on a play through the line, and Dunn added 5 yards on a cross tackle play. Denny advanced 5 yards around left end. James went 3 yards through line. Moore advanced 3 yards on a cross tackle play. On the next play Ham monds made a good tackle of Elliott behind the line, the Davidson quarter losing 3 yards on the play. The ball was now on the 15-yard line within easy striking distance of Carolina's goal. There was a breath of suspense on the part of the spectators when the forward pass was attempted by David son, but Mac Holmes fell on the ball and it was Carolina's ball on the 5-yard line. The next play was most unfor tunate for Carolina. In attempting to punt out, Davidson's tackle blocked the ball, and Edgerton, the star centre of the Red and Black, was on the pigskin like a streak of lightning. The ball was behind the line when Edgerton fell' on it, so a touchdowvn was netted for Davidson. Elliott kicked goal. The touchdown was made after 4 minutes and 1o seconds of play. Score: David son, 6; Carolina, o. GOAL nY FORwVARD PASs. The ball wvas brought out to the middle of the field and Holmes kicked out for Carolina, Clark advancing 15 yards on receiving the kick. Moore failed to gain on a cross tackle play. Denny then punted 25 yards and Caro Iina had the ball in the middle of the field when it rolled otdtide. Hammond attempted the ,forwa d pass, but the 'ass was .5 4fte and a 15-yard 1alty dear h amoun. uta thrown out and examined, one finally being qelected. This reminded one of baseball when there are always a few extra balls thrown out into the dia mond. But when the game started up again Holmeqs punted to Denny, who loped up tlle ield for io yards. On a fake punt Denny advanced 15 yards around right end. But the ball was brought back and Davidson was penalized 15 yards for holding. Elliott was able to make up this distance lost by gaining 15 yards on the same, kind of play, except that he went around left end. Denny punted and Holmes fell on the ball. Holmes failed to gain and Ham mond kicked. Dunn's ball. Clark hit the line for 5 yards. James gained 3 yards over left guard. Dunn made np gain on the next play, and here arose another discussion over a holding by Davidson. Finally the talk was over and 15 yards' penalty was Davidson's lot. A delayed pass from Elliott to Denny and a forward pass netted 30 yards for Davidson and put them within striking distance of the goal. Clark clipped off 5 yards and the ball was now on the io-yard line. Elliott then shot the pigskin over to Kluttz for a forwar4 pass, a gain of 12 yards and a touchildvn netted for Davidson. On the kick out for a goal the ball was not handled and there was dlo goal. Score: Davidson, n1; Carolina, 0; after 9 1-2 minutes of play altogether. DAVIDSON SCORES ACAIN. Holmes kicked off to Peden, who advanced 12 yards. Denny punted 30 yards, and on the fumble the ball was Dunn's for bavidson. Clark advanced 6 yards. Elliott attempted the for ward pass and lost possession of the ball. Holmes kicked outside and the ball was Davidson's on the 55-yard line. Denny punted and Whitely gained possession of the ball. Elliott went for io yards around left end. James failed to gain. Belser made a good tackle of the Davidson halfback on this play. The Davidson team was now within 12 yards of goal. Denny made a successful forward pass to Kluttz for a io-yard gain. Moore car ried the ball over for a touchdown. Elliott let the ball touch the ground in fixing the pigskin for a kick for goal, and the result was no goal for Davidson on the hasty kick that had to be made by Elliott. Score: David son, 16; Carolina, o. AND YET ANOTHER. Holmes kicked out to Elliott, who brought the ball back 10 yards. Denny kicked and Kluttz gained possession of the ball. This brought the ball to the middle of the field and shows the advantage of the punt game under the chances that always occur in football of the other team losing possession of the ball, especially if the Ma~n doing the punting has such f-einds of the Kluttz class. Elliot clipped off a 5 yard gain for 'Davidson*: Denny kicked, and it wvas Holmes' ball. Holnmes kicked to Denny, who ad *'anced only 2 yards. Clark made 2 yards,on a straight buck. Elliott shot the ball to Kluttz for a forward pass. The ball was fumbled - and tre,bvered. H ad gleman for whom. e pass wag intended not re sredy the ball, inder the riew'rules < bfl oul hae aneto the onnon, to the goal line, and on the next play Denfiy went over for the touchdown. Elliott kicked goal. Score: David Son, 22; Carolina, o. Holmes kicked out 15 yards and Holmes was downed in his tracks. The forward pass was attempted, and it was Davidson's ball, James gaining possession. Denny punted and Holmes advanced 3 yards. Holmes punted to Denny, who advanced 15 yards. El liott was down by Perrin for a 3 yards' loss on the next play.- Denny kicked to Holmes, who advanced 3 yards. Holmes kicked to Denny. . Perrin caught Denny high and tackled the Davidson half for no gain. Denny punted. Hammond's ball. Holmes kicked to Elliott. Time out for the first half. Score: Davidson, 22; Car olina, o. SECOND HALF. By a comparison of the gains made in the second half it can easily be seen that there was something doing for the University squad in the way of gains. There was only one change made, Herbert being relieved at left end by DesPortes. Holmes kicked off to Clark, who advanced Io yards. Moore netted 5 yards over right tackle. Davidson was penalized 5 yards for offside. Davidson kicked. Belser re turned 7 yards. Belser clipped off 4 yards on a straight line play. Perrin made 2 yards through the line. Holmes kicked. Denny brought the ball up io yards. Denny kicked to Holmes, who advanced 5 yards. Wynne made 4 yards on- a tackle out of tackle play. ISelser advanced 4 yards over the line. Perrin went through again for a 5 yards' gain. Loud cheering was heard on the side lines for Carolina, and the boys certainly deserved it along here. Belser netted i yard. Holmes gained 5 yards; Wynne 3 yards; Carter 2 yards. Holmes kicked outside. Mills was substituted for Daniels. The for ward pass on a delayed pass from El liott was caught by Holmes. This was a great pass, but it was also a fine catch by Holmes. Wynne then netted i yard. Belser came in for a deserved cheer on the next play. He advanced 15 yards on a straight line play, io yards of which were netted after sev eral of the Davidson players were on to him. Holmes went for 3 yards. Johnston went in for Dunn. Holmes kicked to Elliott, who went 15 yards. On a forward pass the ball went over to Carolina. Perrin went 4 yards. Booe went in for James. Holmes kicked and Belser downed Elliott in his tracks. Denny kicked 40 yards outside. Car olina's ball on 25-yard line. Perrin ripped off 5 yards. Holmes kicked and it was Davidson's ball. Wilkinson went in f Podue.n at. right-end. D nny .-failed to gain. Kick. Kluttz gained possession of the ball. The forward pass was pulled off by Davidson for a 15 yards' gain. Davidson was penal ized 15 yards for holding. Kick, The ball rolled behind the goal line and it was then brought out to the 2C-'v line and kicked out 'by Hol there was some discussie as to whether.the play sI? been considered ato matter of fact/ the bal goal litie and had not touched by a, player -entit> and, of course, counted id Holmes kicked ino4