The Gamecock (Columbia, S.C.)

The gamecock. (Columbia, S.C.) 1908-2006, November 06, 1908, Image 1

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THF 4MECOCK PUBLISHED WEEKLY BY THE LITERARY SOCIETIES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH CAROLINA VoI. 1 COLUMBIA, S. C., NOVEMBER 6, 1908 No. 5 The Red and Carolina, o. Davidson, 22. Dargan ......r. e.. Peden, Wilkin son, Thomas Carter.. .....r. t. . Dunn, Johnston Crouch.. ....r. g.. ..Daniels, Mills Mobley.. ..... . ......Edgerton Marion... ... g.. . .. ...Whitely Wynne... ....1. t.. ... ... ..Moore Herbert, DesPortes 1. e... .. ..Kluttz Hammond. . . . .q. b.. . . Elliott (C.) Holmes (C.) ..r. h. b...Denny,Quigg Belser........ f. b.. . . Clark, Fairly Perrin.. ...... h. b... James, Booe Referee George Butler, ex-Georgia captain. Umpire, T. Frank Watkins, ex-Virginia player. Head linesman, Dr. Monroe, Davidson. Linesmen, Foster, Carolina; M u r - daugh, Carolina; Quigg, Davidson. T im e k ee p e r s, Holmes, Carolina; McConnell, David son. Touchdowns, Edgerton, David son ;Denny, David son ; Kluttz, David son ; Mbore, David son. Gpals from touchdowns, Elli ott, Davidson, 2. Time of halves, 20 minutes each. A tendance, 3,000. The Davidson team won the foo ball game from the University < South Carolina eleven yesterday at tl fair grounds in the first half, 22 poin being scored as a result of four toucl downs and two goals. In the secot half the Garnet and Black buckli down to work and held their opp nents to a o-o contest for the remaind of the game. The reversal of for by the local team was a feature of t game, and showed that the Universi eleven was not outclassed as much many persons imagined. With the, Winning of. i3he :gal agit" a:oo,Col"ch ,Lovinl wer,s han" (m;ames to their cre rcordl. 'A ith the exceio aTh dnd Clmrk, :he Red'~and B. tk btq ,I, gaic with the samC lineup ' sI put against othe Clemson Tigers daj beford. .owever, before the of the secdn'd half seven tnen had:b substituted on~ the Davidson squad The* day was fideal fot- a foot contest, a: result the attende 3 was :swelled considera1ly' nd. ti was much more renjoyaelnti In witn \ing.the sgame afld (istaking~ part i -ur ta aahe dy O rtoundI1l4At Black Defeate rolina's Reversal of F arose early noted a decided drop in the temperature from the day before, and as the morning hours wore on the temperature dropped further and the mist that hung over the land disap peared somewhat. Cold and crisp, the atmosphere was just suited for a foot ball battle, and gave to the players the necessary energy to work hard. In spite of the score that was piled up by the Red and Black in the first half, there was hard fighting all the way through. When the game first r started Davidson was able to make consistent gains through the line and on forward passes. Especially in the latter was Davidson successful in thc first half of the game. A somewlha unusual occurrence was the scoring ol ts a touchdown by means of a forwar( s pass-Elliott to Kluttz-in this half. Carolina was off in the use of th< d forward pass, and was several timei penalized or lost the ball in failures t er make this play succeed. It was ex m pected by many that this would be ; m very potent factor in Carolina's offen he sive wrk. As a matter of fact, th ty G-. 1 :d Black was able to gai as m i halfback plays over tackl< Thle b aV . .opened. up good size i he . id by.hard bucks'again! rs opptm ' line and. g6d intei nee, th 'ere a number of gair -,)I' .his style of play. 11 PUNTs. an 1e game that loon the -_ _ _ _ _ _ nd r t In Oct. 3- Crolinas v". U dgewood, >all Oct. 10- -(Croliwi vs: li~ege of ne Oct, 17- CarioIion vs;.Th Qt iere Ot 2g--atui -ia vs. Cduestoi I it' Nov. 4Caron vs Geo, M 'the a s ~ig~' to v % d Carohna in ti orm in the Second Hal up stronger than any other point is h< that Carolida was woefully weak on g: recovering punts and handling those fi: of her opponents. In'this respect the ir Davidson eleven was so far superior t< that the game was practically won by 1 Davidson's fine work in going down n the field after the kicks and landing on h to the ball on nearly every occasion. d Davidsoh's ends, especially Kluttz, were on the' job in this respect, and t1 time after time they recovered punts f for long gains. Not only were the ends t good ini this respect, but other players on the Red and Black side were abot as good in recovering the ball on punts. On receiving punts Davidson was good also, her mien being able to catch the ball. i Coach Levine, of the Davidhon team, seemied to be pleased yesterday a'f ter ! the game with the showing made by 5 his team aga inst Clemson and Caro -> lina. "Considering the fact that sev - eral of our men were injured in other a games," he said, "and that hard fight -with Virginia, our team did well eenough. I believe they played xoo per n1 cent. better than the day before." This ,speaks well for the University team, d showing that the Carolina eleven .put Atiup a mighty fight against their oppo r.. nents. is Coach Christie Benet was well satis fied with the result of the game under the circu mstances. "I believe the boys is played as hard a game as they could," Fotal chdl goodtlethis...........t othembiay4ers (ar goveek)..r. th Clibal on eioa CocLleve,. ....atiAugnstam seemed to.b pesd C'dlmbafe 1e First Half said. "They did not get into the inue until the second half. In the rst half the blocked kick that resulted a touchdoivn for Davidson seemed get our team out of the running, but ter on the boys buckled down re iarkably. With an even break of ick in the first half we would have one much better," It is the general impression that if ae University boys' had had more con dence in themselves in the first half hey would have held .Davidson to a closer. score, if not made it a o to o Sntest. That was a wonderful rever sal of form in the' second half, and the Garnet and Black seemed to have taken a deter mination between halves to do or die. They certain1" went after vidson, great st sccond-,A,,, was mighty gains for Davids( in that part of t struggle. The 2. half saw the Ca, lina boys doing I ter also on d the field punts had put them to the bad in the i half. Davidson was penalized two or thi times for holding, and each time cost her 15 yards. Referee Butler i. an official who believes in sticking closely to the rules and seeing that they are enforced, and that he knows the rules of the gape was shown out on the field yesterday. The rule against holding provides against the illegal use of hands, and as a, result the Davidson team suffered several penalties. KICK BLOCKED. The two teams were a little late in coming out on the field, and it was the noon hour before the referee's whistle announced to the spectators that the contest was on. The stands were well filled and there was a good crowd ou on the side lines, about 3,000 perso; altogether being in attendance. 0 one side of the grandstand the Clen son cadet corps was seated, and $ Clemson band played during the r" On the sidelines the game recal1 vious contests on the gridi' State fair. There were se' son and Carglina;sponsor decked with colors, wiW girls anid boys out* -nd colors., Oi co" 'k was in me and b14'