The Gamecock (Columbia, S.C.)

The gamecock. (Columbia, S.C.) 1908-2006, March 07, 1908, Image 1

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THE G ME CO CK Volume I. COLUMBIA, S. C., MARCH- 7, 1908 Number 2 ATHLETIC D R. M. Co - Examinations are over, and with the coming of spring baseball is all the tage. Every afternoon about forty men may be seen hard at work on'Davis field. Bats ring out and balls go humming in all directions. Young pitchers, each. anxious to become Carolina's star twirler, are warming up and exert ing every effort to round into good shape. Of last year's team, all are back except "Tot" Irby and Jones. Therefore there is no reason why Carolini should not put out a win ning team. Last year she won third place among the State col leges, and this year -first place would look mighty good. Capt. Heyward Gibbes is once more at the' head of his team, and no better leader could have been chosen. .His equal at first base can not. be found in the whole State. . He is a fast fielder, a good "pinch" hitter, and an exceptionally good bunter. He acts as general utility man for his team, and richly de serves the place he fills. Belser will again do the receiv ing. His throwing to bases is ac curate, and it is death to any run ner to try to steal a base on him. He led the team in hitting last sea son. Great things are expected of this graceful young player. Centre garden is ably filled by "Buck" Perrin. He fields fast and throws-'em as far as any one. The team expects him to win many games with his timely hitting. Last year he hit about 300. Next comes the "whirlwind" shortstop, Bratton Davis. "Brat" is fast on his feet, and many bats men are "robbed" of hits by this agile little star. He has a good eye for hitting and generally man ages to get to first base. In 1906 he hit about 327. For these good qualities he heads the batting or der. Wardlaw Smith hat only played at second one year, but in that time he showed us what was in him. He' improved as the season pro gressed, and if his injury does not prevent his playing, "Smitty" will make the team a valuable second sacker. - EPARTMENT DPER, JR. Rembert, in right field, is one o the fastest men on the team. Hi fielding at times is spectacular, an( with a little improvement in battinf he will be a great acquisition to th team. Jones, of last year's pitchinf staff, is missing, but Simpson ani Garland are back and should mak good. "Simip" is cool and col lected, and with good curves, an "luck" besides, he ought to be good one. "Tot" Irby is not back to cove third base, but his place will b filled by a capable man. The mos promising applicants are Cart wright, Carroll, and Perrin, W. E Any one of the three would mor than balance the loss of Irby. Left field is also open, but fron the good material trying for thi position, it is safe to say that thi place will l e strengthened alsc 'Jack" 'Reeves is showing up wet for this position. He is a heav hitter and good filelder, two re quisites for an -outfielder. Of the new material, Trippett. is showing up in excellent form. He comes highly recommended, and is going to give some one a run for second base. The most promihent pitchers try ing out are: DesPortes, of David son, Leitner, of the Mechanics, Wyche, Fair, Beverley, and James. From this number one, at least, will make good. Among those trying for various positions are: Captain Gibbes, Perrin, L. W., Davis, Belser, Rem bert, Smith, Simpson, Reeves, Hen (lerson, McDonald, J. E., Des Portes, Trippett, McDonald, M. R., Heyward, Izlar, Gibson, Cart w%right, Wyche, Beverley, Marion, TIIE CAROLINIAN STAFF r M4. L., Cain, Lyles, Peurifoy, Klugh, Perrin, W. B., Woodrow, t Monckton, Ross, and Sheppard - (mostly Ross), Crouch, Mitchell, James, Fair, Commander, Carroll, Havard, Buie, Leitner, and -Gar land. 1 Captain Gibbes is very hopeful, 3 and when -questioned about his 3 team, said: "Although we have no . extra good pitcher, the men are I willing, and if a good one is de r' veloned the team wvill be 50 per sut ANOP pass to once. MnE RinOnes e C< Wtn weCMn bO fOl uO bo it now; t us it, for We 004ee nOtC cent. stronger than last year's. Our outfield is superb, and the pros p)ects for the infield are unusually bright. "A number of men are here with good reputations, but they have played few college games, and it is hard to predict what they will do. "It is safe to say, though, that out of the numerous applicants, a good team will be put in the field. "Coach James will not be back Onte IY MOUS Irougo toio foorte But fl, t@ereore, tt3ere 6e in o0ow, or an goob our feefotw::Geing, t?et[ not befer or negsect this year. We are in communica tion with seyeral men, and a capa ble coach will be secured. Prob ably Manager Gup Gunter, of the Sumter team, or Fra.Ic Lohr, of the Columbia League team.", Manager Perrin has" not been idle, but has arranged an excUlent schedule for Carolina, which .is, as follows: March 28-Wofford At dolum bia. April 3-Erskine at Col'umbia. April 8-Furman at Greenville. April 9-Clemson at Clemson. April 14-Newberry at Colum bia. April 20-Citadel at Charleston. April 21-Charleston College at Charleston. April 29-Newberry at New b)erry. April 3o-Presbyterian College at Clinton. May 7-Furman at Columbia. During this time several games will be played with the Columbia City team and teams of the State League. College Yells Slow time Ral, rah, rah, rah, South Car-o-li-na. Carolina, ral, rah, Carolina, rah, rah, Hoorah, hoorah, South Car-o-li-na I Iika, hika, hika, Sis, boom, bah; Carolina, Carolina, Rah. rah. rah.